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Support Recovery Programs at Guildhaus

About Guildhaus

The Guildhaus is a residential men’s halfway house located in Blue Island.  This house located on Canal Street was started by Jack King with help from Tom Keating.  They understood the battle many of us fight daily.  Community involvement pays tribute to these gentlemen, who through their tenacity, vision, and love for the suffering addict, built the Guildhaus and created the environment of brotherhood that encompasses its residents.

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Financial and Societal COSTs of Alcohol Abuse


According to the Center for Disease Control in 2018, the cost of excessive alcohol use in US exceeds $249 billion annually, per state is about $3.5 billion with 40% paid by Federal Government.


 Buddy T, Reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, MD. (2/11/18). Economic Impact of Alcohol Abuse in the US. How Alcohol and Binge Drinking Hits All of Our Wallets. From

Cook County 2009 trauma unit visits due to alcohol included: 2,733 falls; 54 poisonings; 14,091 homicides: accidental and intentional; 471 suffocations; 427 suicides and self-inflicted injuries;[1] 23,108 motor vehicle accidents. Provider ID=27


Investment into treatment

In 2016[1] DUI arrests: Illinois 27,046, Cook County 7,301.[2]


Buddy T, Reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, MD. (2/11/18). Economic Impact of Alcohol Abuse in the US. How Alcohol and Binge Drinking Hits All of Our Wallets. From

[2] Provider ID=27

Each $1 invested in Alcohol abuse treatment equals $4-$7 in savings on crime and criminal justice costs.[1]

  Programs that directly or indirectly prevent crime can therefore generate substantial economic benefits by reducing crime related to costs incurred by victims, communities, and the criminal justice systems. [2]


[1] - Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Illinois Department of Human Resources. From

[2] Katherine McCollister, Michael T. French, Hai Fong. NCIB. Cost of Crimes on Society: New Crime Specific Estimates for Policy and Program Expenditure.

Our Mission

To deliver conscientious, compassionate support to establish a solid recovery foundation and to transition to a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Our Goal

Our goal is to see these men return home and rebuild relationships with their loved ones and communities.  We offer our clients and their families a close working relationship with our staff members.  With understanding, compassion, and expertise, we strive to recognize and support each client’s individual needs.  We are simply a family living together in a house, submerged in recovery!

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Recovery Programs and Services

The Guildhaus is a Level 3.1 facility meaning that residents who have completed residential in-patient will continue to receive 5-hours of clinically led counseling services.  The residents are required to attend 2 didatic group, 2 small group processing sessions, and an 1 hour of individualized counseling services.  The clinical staff at the Guildhaus is also there to help the residents achieve their goals and learn the skills necessary to re-enter the community. 

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Employment Support and Training

All Guildhaus clinical staff are certified alcohol and drug counselors (CADC) in the state of Illinois.  Clinical staff is responsible to maintaining licensure and remaining compliant with all required codes and laws. 

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Community Outreach and Awareness

At Guildhaus, staff and residents make sure to make life long partnerships with the community. The guys volunteer at a soup kitchen every Saturday morning. Also, anytime someone calls and needs a helping hand, the guys take turns offering their services to others. We have received a lot of help and support over the years so we are always looking for ways to give back to others.

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Housing and Shelter for our Residents

Guildhaus provides a clean, safe, and supportive environment for all residents.  Residents are required to eat dinner each night together in order to build a sense of community and brotherhood.  The Guildhaus community has three locations: Guildhaus 3.1 (90 day program); Guildhaus 2 & 2.5 (Men's sober Living.) 

Get Involved - Support Recovery Programs


Your donation can help us provide the resources and support needed to empower men towards recovery. Every little bit counts.


Join us in supporting our residents and their path towards recovery. Your time and commitment can make a world of difference.


On site  AA and NA meetings:

Sunday:  7pm Open AA Speaker meeting

Monday:  8:30pm Closed NA meeting

Tuesday:  8:30pm Closed AA Beginners meeting

Wednesday: 7:00pm Open Addiction Seminar

                      8:30pm Closed AA Step Study

Thursday:  8:30 pm Closed NA meeting

Friday:  4:00pm Closed AA Big Book meeting

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