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"Dear the wonderful team at Guildhaus,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the beautiful day on Sunday at the Guildhaus 5K.   My family and I were looking forward to it all summer and had been hearing many wonderful things that the Guildhaus was going very well.   


When we arrived we were overwhelmed with welcome and kindness and lots of smiles.   There was lot of love and goodness in the halls and rooms of the Guildhaus when we went on the tour.  It was very impressive how well run, organized and structured it is.    I especially liked hearing about the new type of support the residents were getting with resumes, job searching and legal support.


The Guildhaus looked beautiful but more beautiful was each of the wonderful staff and the respect and love they have for one another and all of the residents of Guildhaus.  It is easy to see The Guildhaus is filled with hope and success of its residents lives and futures.  


The 5K Walk itself was so much fun and the Cal Sag Trail is awesome !


Hope to see you all again soon and if there is ever anything we could do to help we will always be there for the Guildhaus.  Until then we will always keep the Guildhaus in our thoughts and prayers and thank God for this great Guildhaus Staff !"

-Maureen King, Jack King's daughter 9/27/2023

"My experience at the Guildhaus has been very positive. The treatment that I received here is exactly what I need. With the help of my counselor, I have set up a treatment plan that works for me. I now have a sponsor and I attend meetings every day. He has set up long- and short-term goals, which are helping me in my recovery. I am grateful for the Guildhaus and its staff because they make me feel like there is hope for me. Truthfully, they saved my life.”

-William L 5/16/2019

“The Guildhaus has turned my life completely around. I’ve learned that helping others helps me. I wouldn’t be around if not for Pete V and the counselors approachable, compassionate but firm guidance. I try daily to I’ve the principles of the program and it’s working. Love the G house!”


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