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Blue Skies
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Blue Skies

Jack King's Vision

The 22 beds at The Guildhaus’ Halfway House, at 2413 Canal Street Blue Island, IL treat men as close to home as possible[1] which, is optimal for continued recovery (IDHS/SUPR).  This long-term, residential recovery program offers a controlled, safe environment where men can get maximum benefits in the recovery process.[2] Sobriety is the mainstay of activities in the Guildhaus: current and future. The House offers multiple recovery support services such as in-patient, residential treatment, 12-Step fellowship and peer support, individual and group counseling with intensive case management (SAMHSA).[3] 

Guildhaus is not a detox center so the men must enter without alcohol in their system. Any man hungry for sobriety is admitted regardless of their financial situation. 

To insure the most successful course of treatment, clients are asked to stay for 90 days, to allow enough time to develop new thought processes and life skills. In long-term residential treatment, the focus is on helping individuals change their thinking and behavior in a highly structured setting.[4] The first two weeks are observational where the staff of three Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC), two resident staff, and other AA members, to assess the client and determine his personal course of treatment.   The Counselors facilitate the in-take process and begin to develop an individual plan to sobriety for each client. The Counselors have one-on-one sessions to focus on the individual’s roadblocks to sobriety. They also facilitate group sessions with the clients they are treating. Clients are required to attend five AA or NA meetings per week, individual counseling sessions, and four group sessions with his primary counselor.  The counselors also offer meetings on Anger Management, Sex education, crisis intervention, emotional sobriety or any other topic which would aid in recovery.

Of the six required AA meetings, three must be in the Guildhaus, two must be outside, such as the local Alano Club.  Building sober fellowship within the local recovery community benefits the transition back to their lives. The topics range from 12-Step meetings, Big Book study, Topic, and Back to Basics. Eventually the clients are encouraged to lead these meetings, gaining another level of sobriety and responsibility.

The Guildhaus staff assists in with the client start to smooth over chaos their lives have become. They help with legal, financial, and medical management, finding civic records such as birth certificates or social security numbers. They help in applications for Unemployment and Disability benefits.  They offer bus tickets and carpools to get the men to and from interviews, work, appointments and meetings.


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