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In keeping Jack King’s legacy alive, Guildhaus Alumni Association a few years back constructed a beautiful brick patio in the front yard of the main house. This patio consists of thousands of bricks just waiting for a special message to be engraved. The special message can be to support a friend or family member as their journey of sobriety evolves or it can memorialize a loved one that has passed. Either way, Guildhaus supported, educated, encouraged, and loved thousands of men suffering from drug use disorder. Let’s rally around these men to show that Guildhaus is forever a home for all of us battling this disease.


How can you help build memories one brick at a time? Simply hit the order button below and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. Your order will be acknowledged immediately. Once your engraved brick arrives at Guildhaus, we will notify you and encourage you to come out and visit this beautiful patio on Canal Street.

Click the button below to purchase your personalized brick!

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