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Extended Care Programs

This long-term, residential recovery program offers a controlled, safe environment where men can get maximum benefits in the recovery process. Sobriety is the mainstay of activities in the Guildhaus: current and future. The House offers multiple recovery support services such as in-patient, residential treatment, 12-Step fellowship and peer support, individual and group counseling with intensive case management (SAMHSA).[1] 

Guildhaus is not a detox center so the men must enter without alcohol or drugs in their system. Any man hungry for sobriety is admitted regardless of their financial situation. The clients are encouraged to ask family or friends to assist with the first month, until the client finds a job and can pay their own fees. 

The Guildhaus continuum approach allows clients to move from one level to another based on their assessment needs. Once the 90 Day Halfway House Program is successfully completed, the client can move to one of the six staff beds, the 16 bed Recovery House or to local sober-living apartments. The Recovery Home at 13623 South Western Avenue, serves 16 men in a family-like atmosphere with a more independent living environment. This is a meaningful bridge into life which ensures a higher rate of success in living sobriety.


Clients learn to live life on life’s terms.  “We do not hide our clients from the realities of living in a society where drugs and alcohol are available.” Therefore, Guildhaus insists that the clients participate in sober fellowship in local recovery community. “Building his army” of sober relationships, the Clients have a better chance of maintaining sobriety once they leave the Guildhaus. They find through the fellowship that they haven’t had a problem which hasn’t been felt by another.

Guildhaus Brotherhood

The Guildhaus is a family, living in a home, submerged in recovery.  While staying with us clients are expected to be a part of the Guildhaus Family: working during the day and coming home to eat the evening meal together; demonstrating respect for self and respect for others by following house rules; taking pride in their environment by completing assigned household chores; and participating in sober fellowship both in Guildhaus and the local recovery community.  All of this develops a sense of belonging…..meaningful relationships…being part of something bigger…being responsible to others, as well as yourself…learning how to be part of the family.

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