Guildhaus Engraved Brick
Sponsorship Fundraiser

In keeping Jack King’s legacy alive, we are initiating a Guildhaus Engraved Brick Sponsorship Program. As you can see from the color rendering below, it will start by honoring Jack and our dear friend, Tom Keating, who as most of our Alumni know was instrumental in getting the House started.  In honoring Jack and Tom, we hope to have our friends and Alumni purchase one or more of the bricks, engraved as you’d like. The cost of an engraved brick is $100.00.  The space allotted for engraving will consist of 3 lines with no more than 18 characters per line (characters are letters, spaces, numbers, etc.).  This would be a wonderful opportunity to have a lasting memory of family and friends of the House who are no longer with us or who owe their own recovery to the House.

Please fill out the form below and return your information along with payment to Guildhaus as the engraved bricks will be ordered on September 1st, with the construction of the patio completed by October 31st. 

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________


Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________

The space allotted for the engraving on each brick is below:  ____________________________________________________________________________________