Our Story
 The name “Guildhaus” is German in origin
“guild” meaning “brotherhood formed for mutual aid and protection”
“haus” meaning “house”
Jack King was a retired Chicago Fireman who had a dream to open a halfway house for men struggling to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.
In 1986, Jack purchased the building “Guildhaus” and kept the name. …it just seemed appropriate…
On January 1, 1987, Jack held the first AA meeting there.
Jack passed away in 2006, leaving the legacy, the brotherhood, of Guildhaus.
Guildhaus is a Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) licensed, Not-for-Profit Men's Halfway House located in Blue Island, Il. Our mission is to provide men with the support and structure needed for the foundation of their recovery programs. Our ultimate goal is to see these men return home and rebuild relationships with their loved ones and their communities.  We offer our clients and their families a close working relationship with our staff members. With understanding, compassion and expertise, we strive to recognize and support each client’s individual needs.
Currently, our Halfway House serves 22 men and our Recovery Home serves 16 men in a family-like atmosphere.